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To tell you the truth, I’ve never met anyone as intoxicating as you.

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Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests of Edie Sedgwick, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, and Nico

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how to act when you’re being applauded demonstrated by alex turner (x)

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The Space In-Between


To me,
You are not a dream,
You are that moment
When head meets pillow,
Eyes flutter closed,
When darkness blankets not only room,
But mind,
The space is silent,
Flooded with peace,
When all of life,
In that moment of calm,
Those short minutes of giving in,
Of allowing rest…




I found you living
In a Hemingway novel
A home in the space between his words
Existing in the lines of his pages
A faint trace of nature
Lingering scent of warm whiskey
A man of earth
Dwelling on Paris avenues
The man you hoped you were
I found your soul
Tucked away
Melancholic and…


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boys are so gross please get away from me

"I take a song that doesn’t exist and I pretend it into existence by way of forgetting that that’s not really a song yet.. and playing it like it is."

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"We connected through the movies and we were experiencing something fundamental together, we were living through the emotional truths on the screen together. Sometimes they’re expressed in small things: gestures, glances, reactions between the characters, light and shadow. Things we wouldn’t discuss, or couldn’t discuss, or even acknowledge in our own lives, and that’s part of the wonder. So when I hear people dismiss movies as fantasy or make a hard distinction between film and life, I think that’s just a way of avoiding the power of cinema. Of course it’s not life, it’s the invocation of life. It’s an ongoing dialogue with life."

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